Whole Hogget (Mature Lamb) Value Box


This is a truly fantastic offer to buy a whole Herdwick Hogget. The whole Herdwick lamb/hogget will fit in 2 shelves in your freezer (usually).
10-12kg Without box and trim.

We are able to discount this product due to lower packaging costs and simpler butchering methods.
The whole Herdwick lamb/hogget box includes a range of slow and quick cook cuts as well as roasting joints.
The Cuts:
Herdwick Shoulder on the Bone (4 x 1/2)
Herdwick Cutlets Best End (2 x 7)
Herdwick Loin Chops (2 x 6)
Herdwick Leg fillet (2 x)
Herdwick 1/2 Leg joints (2 x)
Herdwick chump mini roast (2 x)
Herdwick Breasts (2 x)
Herdwick Kidney (2 x)