Herdwick Mutton Meat Hamper


This is a fabulous meat hamper with a selection of cuts based around a half an animal of mutton.
5-6kg weight not including box and trim

1 Full flavoured Herdwick Leg Joint
1 Delicious Herdwick Fillet joint
1 Chump
1 Rack of Herdwick or individual cutlets
6 Herdwick Loin chops
2 Mouth-watering Herdwick Shoulder joints - (Lamb Henry)
Rolled herdwick breast
5-6kg of Jointed meat without trim.
(Bones and trim if requested)
There are cuts for slow roasting, pan frying and slow cooking. Herdwick Mutton has a wonderful strong gamey flavour.
This product is sheep meat over 2 years old and is hung for 2 weeks minimum. We have a 3 week lead time on this hamper to allow for hanging.
A great opportunity to buy the very best mutton.