Herdwick Hogget Hamper


This is a great selection of Herdwick Hogget cuts, suitable for both families and couples and comes packed in our wonderful eco meat hamper box. This hamper is based on ‘half a lamb’.

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This is our most popular Herdwick meat hamper box.
It is a nice range of the traditional meat cuts and a great introduction to the Herdwick Hogget.
1 Full flavoured Herdwick Leg Joint
1 Delicious Herdwick Fillet joint
1 Chump
1 Rack of Herdwick or individual cutlets
6 Herdwick Loin chops
2 Mouth-watering Herdwick Shoulder joints - (Lamb Henry)
Rolled herdwick breast
Total weight - 5-6kg of Jointed meat without trim.