Half a Free Range Pig


We supply it expertly butchered into a range of cuts (chops and roasting joints) all packed and labelled ready for your freezer.

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Please contact us once the order is placed to discuss what size joints you would like we can usually accommodate requests for 'large family' or 'small family'.
The pig will be butchered as follows.
Leg - boned and rolled and jointed (number depends on family size)
Loin - 1/2 boned and rolled loin joint, 1/2 chops.
Shoulder - 1/2 boned and rolled joints, 1/2 shoulder on the bone.
Belly - Off the bone in joints.
Sausages with trim. approx 2kg
The pork we source is from pigs that are kept outside throughout their whole life. To overcome the issues of our wet climate each paddock of pigs has a great big tent filled with straw to keep them warm and dry on chilly and wet days. When they are in pig (pregnant!) they are kept in big sow barns, outside. They are moved to paddocks with a hut each when they are due to farrow (give birth) so that they can have their piglets in their own individual home.
Pigs love mud, they need it to keep cool and their natural feeding instinct is to 'root' the pigs are allowed to root freely and wallow as they wish.
As well as having a better quality of life, the meat from these pigs tastes so much better because they are slower growing due to them using more energy as they’re always running around. This slow grown process, along with their breeding ensures a beautifully succulent, great tasting meat.
In outdoor pigs, because the outdoor lifestyle suits their hardy skin, by growing extra hair to keep warm in Winter and protect them from sunburn during the summer. The hardier skin also provides some of the finest "crackling" money can buy!
All the pigs are bred, born reared and grown free range to standards laid down by the RSPCA's "Freedom Foods" assurance scheme.
The criteria is based on the "Five Freedoms":-
1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
2. Freedom from discomfort
3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease
4. Freedom to express normal behaviour
5. Freedom from fear and distress